Methodology & DNA

Our involvement in the early stages of your project offers you the greatest opportunity to most effectively control costs, schedule, and quality. We can advise you on bankable feasibility issues and proactively manage on-going change by working with professionals during the strategic development of your project. This enables us to anticipate and respond quickly to project conditions and keep your project moving forward.

Our Philosophy & Methodology

We are a firm of Project Management consultants that redefine solutions while offering an array of project management services to both government and corporate organizations seeking superiority in their endeavors.

Our methodology is structured to control the time, cost and quality of the project, thus enhancing the success of the project and thereby increasing client’s satisfaction. This is achieved by:
a. Systematically ensuring effective compliance to the Project Management Plans while applying best practices and standards.
b. Monitoring compliance with project management standards, policies, procedures and templates via our Project audit teams.

We are accountable for ensuring that the allocated resources are used appropriately to complete the project by involving variety of stakeholders including the Client, policy makers/regulators, administrators, financial advisors, accountants, legal advisors, designers, contractors, and specialty consultants. We work to understand and respect the project goals and requirements of each of the project stakeholders, while focusing on completing the project within budget and on schedule.

We adopt a cross-functional team approach to Project Execution, ensuring that service delivery is supported by aligned management systems while we match competencies and capabilities of people to deliver qualitative results.

Our DNA;