Training & Development

Our aim is simple: to help you succeed.

An ever-changing operating landscape means we need to continuously evolve to ensure we provide only world-class learning interventions from creation through to delivery in partnership with the finest providers.

At Verad MedV, we believe it is crucial to empower people to perform at the very highest level through carefully designed and executed programmes. That’s why our learning interventions are provided through methods designed for optimal impact on participants’ behaviour.

Online Learning Solutions

We combine our expertise in courseware design and development to cost effectively convert existing content, such as compliance courses, into customised digital courses. We also provide curated off-the-shelf content to help organisations embed learning into the workflow.

Instructor Class-room led Program

The instructor-led facilitation courses provided by Phillips Consulting take place in our esteemed Halls of Learning where we use a combination of lecture, exercises, videos, and case studies. The Halls include:
• Leadership and Management
• Workforce
• Infotech
• Bespoke Learning

Knowledge based program

Knowledge Management offers strategic solutions to those seeking to build strong, sustainable establishments through the documentation and sharing of intelligence. This includes;
• Knowledge Maturity Assessment
• Knowledge Management Strategy
• Knowledge Management Implementation